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VALUATION Corp. provides brand and trademark valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

According to the current Russian legislation (Federal law No. 3520-I “On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin of Goods”), trademarks (service marks) constitute designations aimed at distinguishing between goods and services provided by particular legal entities or individuals from similar goods and services (hereinafter referred to as the goods) provided by other legal entities or individuals.

Valuation of any brand, trademark, service mark or other designation is based on an analysis of the complete business cycle from manufacturing to sales of products or services by the company and is aimed to determine the fair market value of the subject designation through assessment of its contribution to the company’s profits and/or sales.

Valuation of a brand or trademark can be performed for the various purposes, the most common of these purposes are:

In certain situations, such as sale of the company, it is advisable to estimate the total contribution of all intangible assets to the company’s value. Such cases also require valuation of the company’s goodwill (value of the company business standing). The value of goodwill is determined when the company has a long-time history of stable operations in the market and has a higher than average income to net asset value ratio in the given market sector, and as a result the value of the business exceeds the total value of all assets held by the company.

Documents and information required for brand (trademark) valuation:

After the review of the principal documents, depending on the specific nature of the subject IP, we may also need:

This list of documents and information is preliminary and may be reduced or expanded after the valuer’s detailed review of the valuation assignment, depending on the purpose of valuation.

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