valuation & consulting in Russia

VALUATION Corp. provides patent and industrial design valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

We provide professional valuation services in regard to patents for inventions and industrial designs, utility certificates and selection patents. We have extensive experience in patents valuation for various purposes, the most common among these purposes are:

We can also assist in estimation of fair license fees (royalties) for using intellectual property under license agreement. In case of any damage caused to the owner of the intellectual property through illegal use of his or her intellectual property, we may assess the damage and define the reasonable amount of compensation.

Documents and information required for patent or industrial design valuation:

After the review of the principal documents, depending on the specific nature of the subject IP, we may also need:

The above list of documents and information is preliminary and may be reduced or expanded after the valuer’s detailed review of the valuation assignment, depending on the purpose of valuation and the nature of the subject IP.

Should you have any queries regarding patents and industrial designs valuation in Russia, please contact us.

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