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VALUATION Corp. provides intellectual property valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

In modern economy, with an increasing introduction of products based on new technology and knowledge, intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets (IA) have arguably become one of the most important elements of business assets. There are many cases when the value of the company’s intangibles exceeds the value of all its tangible assets combined. This is especially true for the companies having sustainable business reputation in the market, owning popular brands or operating on high-tech market.

The Russian Civil Code, Art. 138, contains the following definition of IP: "The exclusive right of any individual or legal entity to intellectual property and equivalent means of individualization of a legal entity, product, works or services (trade name, trade mark, service mark, etc.) shall be recognized in the cases and following the procedure established by this Civil Code and other laws. The intellectual products and means of individualization subject to exclusive rights may not be used by any third parties without consent of the owner of such rights”.

Our services

We provide intellectual property valuation services in three major areas of IP:

Because of a high diversity of possible IP items and specific use of each IP item in the manufacturing and marketing processes, the list of documents and information required for valuation and approximate time of completion of the valuation assignment for each category of IP differ considerably and are provided in separate sections below:

Patents valuation
Trademarks & goodwill valuation
Copyright and related rights valuation
Know-how, R&D products valuation

In our experience, the need for valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets most often arises when these assets are contributed to the company’s charter fund, for closing of buy-sell transactions or IP license agreements, for determining license fees (royalties) and for making adjustments to the book value of fixed assets in company's accounting records.

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