valuation & consulting in Russia

VALUATION Corp. provides ships valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

In Russia, sea-craft and river-craft are legally classified as immovable property and are subject to compulsory state registration (Art. 130 of the Russian Civil Code). However, from the economic point of view, due to their functional and design characteristics, all ships should be considered (and valued, too) as a special category of machinery and equipment which requires its own valuation methods.

We have extensive experience in vessels valuation and provide professional valuation services in regard to various types of vessels - sea-craft, river-craft, vessels of mixed-navigation, both self-propelled and towed. This includes valuation of vessels under construction, in service, out of service, as well as wrecked vessels. We also value different vessel components, such as bare hulls, engines, etc.

List of documents and information required for ship valuation:

This list of documents and information is preliminary and may be reduced or expanded after the valuer’s detailed review of the valuation assignment, depending on the purpose of valuation and type of the vessel.

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