valuation & consulting in Russia

VALUATION Corp. provides professional land valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

Russian Federation is the largest country in the world by territory and has a capacious land market, where thousands of hectares of land are bought and sold every day. If you are looking for an investment opportunity on the Russian land market or have a particular land plot and want to know its value, then you probably need to consult with an independent valuer.

Land valuation is based on the analysis of current market transactions, rental rates and asking prices for the land plots. The market value of a certain land plot depends on traditional (for real estate) factors, such as location, transport infrastructure, social amenities, environmental conditions, quality and recreational value of the surrounding territory.

Our services in regard to land valuation:

We conduct land valuation for various purposes: for making a nonmonetary contribution to the company’s charter capital (shareholder's capital), for registration of mortgage or simply for consultation about current market land prices. We have extensive experience in valuation of all types of land plots - community, industrial and farming lands.

In addition to formal valuation, we also provide such services as:

Documents and information required for land valuation:

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