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VALUATION Corp. provides securities valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

We provide professional valuation services in regard to various types of securities – ordinary and preference shares, debt securities (bonds and bills) and derivatives (options, futures) issued by government bodies, financial institutions, enterprises and public organizations.

Securities valuation may be conducted for the number of different purposes, such as closing of buy-sell transactions, contribution of securities to the charter fund (shareholders' capital) of a company, entering collateral for obtaining a loan and determining the current market value of the company and its assets.

The securities type, issuer, listing on an exchange or trading on the open financial market – all these factors are very important for valuation. The market value of non-listed securities for which no public trading prices are available is determined on the basis of current situation on financial market, income from the subject security, information about the issuer’s reliability and financial stability. In cases like this the valuer reviews the issuer’s financial situation based on its accounting data and determines an additional discount rate reflecting the risk of investments in the given security.

Shares and bills currently represent the majority of securities circulating on the Russian financial market. Specific features of their valuation and a list of information and documents required for such valuation, as well as other relevant details are presented in the following sections:

Valuation of Shares

Valuation of Bills

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