valuation & consulting in Russia

VALUATION Corp. provides know-how valuation services in Moscow and other Russian regions

In modern economy, commercial or technical information facilitating business efficiency represents a very important and quite an expensive product. Such information is regarded as intellectual property and it can be an indispensable element of a business and occupy an important place in company’s asset structure. Usually, this type of information is referred as know-how, or trade secrets - a system of technical, administrative or financial methods, knowledge and skills which have value, but can not be protected by state patents.

Valuation of know-how can be conducted for the various purposes, including but not limited to:

Valuation of various types of know-how - R&D results, technologies, improvements and innovations of any kind - is conducted by capitalizing the actual or potential commercial profit (or other benefits) expected to be generated by the asset.

Documents and information required for valuation of a know-how: