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Valuation Corp.
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VALUATION Corp. is a valuation company, based in Moscow, Russia. Please, visit our homepage for general information about us.

This page provides essential legal information about valuation activities and professional valuators in Russia.

Our Clients
Reference to some of our Clients, to whom we provided our professional services.

Professional valuator in Moscow, Russia - postal address and other contact information.

Real Estate

Real Estate Valuation
General information about real estate valuation in Russia. Online calculators for instant valuation of real property located in Moscow.

Commercial and Residential Property
Specific issues of commercial and residential property valuation in Moscow and other regions of Russia are discussed here.

Office Space
Main pricing factors of office property on Russian real estate market. Free online calculator for instant valuation of an office space located in Moscow, Russia.

Warehouse Space
Main pricing factors of warehouse property on Russian real estate market. Free online calculator for instant valuation of warehouses located in Moscow, Russia.

Retail Space
Main pricing factors of retail property on Russian real estate market. Free online calculator for instant valuation of retail premises located in Moscow, Russia.

Land valuation in Russian Federation – theoretical and legal bases, required documentation.

Apartments (Flats)
Appraisal of apartments (flats) in Russia in general and in Moscow in particular. Free online price calculator for apartments (flats) in Moscow.


Company & Business Valuation
If you are interested in business valuation in Russia or have queries regarding the market value of a specific Russian company - please, visit this page.

Valuation of Mines and Mining Projects
We offer professional mine valuation services in Russia. Valuation subjects include operating mines, mining projects, legal rights for specific mineral deposits and separate mining assets.

Assessment of debtor’s financial condition by an independent professional valuator prior to transactions involving debts (obligations).

Reorganization of Enterprise
Professional valuator’s advisory during merger, acquisition or other forms of business re-organization in Russia.

Contribution to Charter Fund
Russian law requires that all non-monetary contributions to company’s charter fund (shareholder’s capital) must be valuated by an independent appraiser – learn the details here.

Revaluation of Fixed Assets
Re-valuation of company’s fixed assets is aimed at keeping its value relevant for accounting purposes under Russian and international standards of financial reporting.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Valuation
Details of our valuation services in regard to various types on intangible assets – patents, trademarks, brands, client bases, copyrights, R&D results, etc.

Procedure and specific requirements for patent valuation in Moscow, Russia.

Procedure and specific requirements for trademark and brand valuation in Moscow, Russia.

Procedure and specific requirements for copyright valuation in Moscow, Russia.

Procedure and specific requirements for technology and know-how valuation in Moscow, Russia.


We provide professional valuation service in Moscow (Russia) in regard to all types of securities.

Stock (shares) valuation by professional valuator in Moscow, Russia.

Bill valuation by professional valuator in Moscow, Russia.


Valuation of equipment, industrial assets and other moving property located in Russia.

Valuation of various types of aircraft in Russia - aeroplanes, helicopters, etc.

Professional services regarding survey and valuation of ships, located in Russian Federation.


Property Valuation for Court
Qualified professional assistance for our clients in sworn valuation of all types of property, located in Russian Federation, for use in legal proceedings in foreign courts.

State Property Valuation
In Russia, all transactions with the state-owned property require preliminary independent valuation in order to determine market value of the property involved.

Mortgage Valuation
In some cases, mortgage valuation is compulsory in Russia – please refer to this page for the details.

Buy-Sell Transactions
Independent valuation of property and value-related advisory during and prior to transactions.

Import of Equipment to Russia
Need to bring high-value equipment to Russia? Learn about official stimulating programs which might make it much easier.

Asessment of Damages
Professional valuator's services in the process of filing a claim for compensation of damages.

Valuation of tangible assets in Moscow (Russia) in order to determine their insurable value or to support a claim.